Ryugaku Journal Magazine 2017.06.10

【NEW】Ryugaku Journal Magazine August 2017


Ryugaku Journal Magazine August 2017

Pinpointing and solving your worries
A Manual to Clear Up Your Study Abroad Worries

Pre-Study Abroad Haziness: What's got you worried?

Should I study abroad? / Is my English good enough? / Do I have enough money? / I'm kind of shy / Timeline for study abroad first-timers

Clearing Up Your Study Abroad Uncertainties!
Airport Departure and Destination Arrival / Housing / School Commute / First Day of School / Class / Activities / Cultural Differences / Money / Cellphones / Homesickness / Safety

Advice from Those Who've Gone before You
Voices from University Students / Working Adults / Bonus・Canada Wedding Couple

Feature Story #2
Let's Go on an Adventure!
Study Abroad Report from New Zealand

Feature Story #3
Illustrated Job Guide for study abroad students
English Teacher・Lecturer

Special Features
◆Tao Tsuchiya Interview
◆What you can strive for right now! Language School Volunteering
◆Historical Story ~England
◆Data & Fees from 11 countries and 400 schools