Ryugaku Journal Magazine 2017.03.10

Ryugaku Journal Magazine May 2017


Ryugaku Journal Magazine May 2017

An in-depth tournament comparison showdown
42 "This or That" Questions of Studying Abroad

Comparing Schools: A versus comparison

Scale of the school / # of students per class / school buildings / School location / Tuition and fees / Class start times / # of Japanese students / Length of study abroad / Seasons / Language courses / High level programs

Lifestyle Comparisons: Survey report
Accommodation options / Meals / Getting to school / Price of living and transportation / Time off and activities / Real stories from RJ staff

What to Bring: The essentials and nonessentials
School clothes / School supplies and dictionaries / laptop, cellphone・smartphone, and Wi-Fi / Money and daily supplies / Gift for your host family / Things you might end up not needing / suitcase / luggage check list

Study Abroad Stories

Feature Story #2
Campus Life
A look at short and long programs

Special Feature
Special interview with Suzu Hirose

School Guide
Data and Fees from 11 countries: 236 English schools and 105 Universities!