Ryugaku Journal Magazine 2016.03.17

Ryugaku Journal Magazine May 2016

16 study abroad stories to help you imagine your own future
Finding and realizing the Overseas Dream!

Short-Term Study Abroad Interviews
Finding the Dream : Working with a world partner / Medical interpreter / Attending lectures
Dreams Come True: Watching a Premier League game live / 30 years old and in my favorite place

Long-Term Study ・ Vocational Study ・ Working Holiday Experience
Finding the Dream: Wanting to work in an overseas nursery school / A job in Hospitality / Round-the-world trip
Dreams Come True: Improving English skills / Obtaining marketing knowledge / Becoming a handball player

The vision to grow at university overseas
Interpreting & bridging the gap with English as an interpreter! / Breaking away from the comfort of daily life at a prestigious university

Studying Abroad → Working for a World Partner
Overseas placement with an Interior Company / Project Management at a Global Enterprise

A pictorial insight into Study Abroad styles

  • English / Vocational / Working Holiday / University / Graduate
  • How much is the price of dreams? / Activities make dreams come true

  • Feature Story
    Hit or Miss?
    The ideals and reality of homestay

    Special Feature
    ◆ Reina Triendl Interview
    ◆ Japan Best School Award 2016 - Students' Choice English Schools Ranking -
    ◆ Let's work in an international organization!
    ◆ Dealing with the unexpected overseas

    Useful Info
    You too can study abroad! The to-do list

    School Guide
    Data & Fees from 11 countries: 236 English School and 109 Universities!