Ryugaku Journal Inc. (RJ) promotes cultural exchange through education, counseling, research and publishing. A private counseling and placement organization founded in 1971, RJ is a storehouse of information concerning all aspects of overseas education. RJ serves as a liaison to Japanese people who wish to study abroad and for professionals working in international education.

Student Services

Free one-on-one counseling is offered by professionally trained counsellors in our centers, as well as by e-mail and telephone. From a comprehensive database of school portfolios students are assisted in selecting a school that best fits their needs and budget.

RJ also offers travel, financial and insurance services, pre-departure orientation and language courses, a 24-hour bilingual emergency service (RJ Student Protection) once overseas, and a former-students' network upon returning. RJ headquarters is located in Tokyo, with additional centers in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Document Processing
RJ offers a range of document processing services which include: corresponding with the school of choice; detailed consultation on admission requirements and application procedures; arrangement of accommodation and homestay placement; coordinating necessary TOEFL/TOEIC IP tests; assistance with travel documents, and tracking students once they are overseas.

Academic Placement Service
RJ also offers a special placement service for college and university programs. This includes assessing students' English abilities, assistance in selecting several school options, evaluating student credentials, helping students apply and academic advice overseas.

Information Network
Comprehensive information on English language training as well as academic programs at high schools, colleges, universities, vocational institutions and travel packages is stored on the RJ database. This information is online at all counseling centers and is updated regularly. General school information, program dates, tuition and housing costs, extra-curricular activities, contact persons, student feedback and more is all part of the database.

Student Feedback
In an effort to evaluate RJ programs and publications, RJ uses evaluation reports and questionnaires to gather information from students, international education professionals, schools and businesses. The results are carefully analyzed and used to improve the effectiveness of RJ projects and publications. RJ encourages all students and overseas school administrators to send their comments to RJ Tokyo.

Publishing and Online Services

In providing up-to-date information, RJ publishes a range of magazines, websites and books.

Ryugaku Journal
Ryugaku (Study Abroad) Journal is our major publication and promotional tool of overseas education opportunities. Published quarterly with several additional special editions throughout the year, the Journal includes profiles of nearly 400 schools in ten countries. With a large distribution of 50,000 per issue, Ryugaku Journal is widely read by students and professionals of all ages and is available in most bookstores across Japan and online through amazon.

Ryugaku Journal Online
Ryugaku Journal Online (RJO) is a comprehensive online encyclopaedia where prospective students can research in-depth study abroad information, or pose questions to RJ counselors. RJO supports a database containing more than 350 language schools as well as information on countries, cities, school programs, courses, fees, and basic guidelines to studying abroad.

News is updated on a daily basis to promote events sponsored by Ryugaku Journal and special campaigns offered by schools. RJO is able to provide greater detailed introduction of school courses and programs than in the RJ quarterly magazine.

Ryugaku Journal Mobile
The RJ mobile phone website it is an essential information tool in Japan. In addition to being able to send news and program recommendations to your phone, you can receive email counselling and reserve attendance at Fairs and seminars.

RJ Pocket Book
Issued annually, the country-specific Pocket Books are available for free from local embassies, public facilities, high schools, and university international. The RJ Pocket Book serves to address lifestyle issues that concern most prospective students. It is a valuable starting tool to help familiarize travellers prior to departure with various local and school information. Since the first issue, it has become the bible of knowledge and an essential item to carry at all times for anyone going overseas as student or on a working holiday.

Ryugaku Journal welcomes your participation to advertise in RJ publications and websites.

School Services

Ryugaku Journal offers various promotional activities in RJ publications and websites.

Advertisement Plans
Ryugaku Journal welcomes your participation to advertise in Ryugaku Journal (magazine), Ryugaku Journal Online and RJ Pocket Books.

Study Abroad Fairs and Seminars
Study Abroad Fairs are a popular way to provide students, parents, and working adults the opportunity to obtain first-hand information on overseas schools. RJ has long been actively co-sponsoring educational fairs in cooperation with the US, Canadian and Australian Embassies, as well as New Zealand, UK and Irish government agencies and tourist associations. Fairs offer a "personal touch", giving potential students a chance to meet directly with school representatives from overseas.
Study Abroad seminars are also held throughout Japan for students, parents, educators and businesses by RJ staff and visiting international educators.

RJ World Spring Fair
Scheduled for mid May, RJ expects most visitors this time of year to be particularly interested in short-term courses like those offered in Summer Holiday Programs. Therefore, the main target market is 70% for language programs, both short and long term, and 30% for language programs with the intention to go to higher education institutions.
Forty schools participated in the World Spring Fair usually. The Fair gives visitors an opportunity to have one-on-one consultations with school representatives and to take part in study abroad seminars.

RJ World Fall Fair
The focus of this Fair is primarily on academic studies, particularly pathway and other preparation courses for academic programs. The majority of prospective students are looking for long-term study often related to tertiary education such as those undergraduate and graduate courses offered at colleges, universities and vocational schools. This is also an occasion for those ESL schools offering preparation courses for higher education, like foundation or pathways, TOEFL preparation and testing, academic writing, etc to introduce their courses.
Fifty schools participated in the World Fall Fair usually. Like the Spring Fair, visitors can have one-on-one consultations with school representatives and take part in study abroad seminars.

Liaison Office in Japan
Despite the impact of the internet to disperse school information and gain direct communication links, most Japanese students lack the language skills and confidence to accurately decipher the volume of detail or submit the necessary documentation associated with applications. This is where your own liaison office can bridge the gap quickly and efficiently, by offering direct, individualised and exclusive support for both student and school. By utilising RJ premises and our specially allocated staff to fulfil this role, you gain the best of experience and market knowledge at a fraction of the cost, while maintaining exclusivity that differs from the standard agent role. For further details go to the link: Looking for a Liaison Office.