About RJ Pocket Book 2011.02.28

About RJ Pocket Book

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The Ryugaku Journal Pocket Book is published by Ryugaku (Study Abroad) Journal, Inc with the knowledege and network of our study abroad agency since 1971.

Issued annually, the country-specific Pocket Books are available for free from local embassies, public facilities, high schools, and university international offices. The RJ Pocket Book serves to address lifestyle issues that concern most prospective students. They are a valuable source of information for new travellers and starting tool to help new life overseas. They provides detailed information in Japanese on things such as airport layouts, immigration procedures, basic city maps, part-time work, local customs and much more. Since the first issue, they have become the bible of knowledge and an essential item to carry at all times for anyone going overseas as a student or on a working holiday.

You will see the digital version of RJ Pocket Book on request.