About Ryugaku Journal Online 2019.11.11

About Ryugaku Journal Online

Ryugaku Journal Online (RJO) is a comprehensive online encyclopedia where prospective students can research in-depth study abroad information, or pose questions to RJ counselors. RJO supports a database containing more than 350 language schools and over 200 colleges/universities as well as information on countries, cities, school programs, courses, fees, and basic guidelines to studying abroad.

News is updated on a daily basis to promote events sponsored by Ryugaku Journal and special campaigns offered by schools. RJO is able to provide greater detailed introduction of school courses and programs than in the RJ quarterly magazine.

【Website】 Ryugaku Journal Online (RJO)
【URL】 www.ryugaku.co.jp

As of November 1, 2019
Key word: Study Abroad
Search engine rankings: Google: 1st & Yahoo!: 1st
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Sex: Female 76%, Male 24%
Occupation: University Students 34%, Working Adults 30%,
Senior High School Students 9%, Part-time Job Worker 8%,
Graduate Students 2%, Two-year College Students 2%,
Vocational Students 1%, Teachers 1%, Others 13%